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We believe in valuing each child’s uniqueness and respect diverse learning styles, personalities, and intelligences.
We believe education and guidance decisions for children must be based on a collaborative partnership between parents and families with a collective knowledge of child development.
We believe in caring and educating all children in positive emotional and social environments that are cognitively stimulating and that support each child’s culture, language, ethnicity and family structure which is recognized and valued in the program.
We believe in utilizing assessment instrument to support children’s development and learning, to support curriculum and to support parent’s relationships with their children.
We believe in understanding and respecting the diversity of families and communities so learning experiences are meaningful and relevant for all children regardless of race, colour, religious creed, disability, ancestry, national origin, Limited English Proficiency (LEP), age or sex.
We believe in advocating for all children including those with special needs to play and learn in an inclusive environment and to have access to the support services needed to be successful.
We believe in building a support network for families by providing them with opportunities to interact with staff, other families, community resources, and professional services.
We believe it is necessary for continuous staff development to support the high-quality care which assures long-term results in our investment in the program, children, and their families.