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Outcomes and Quality Assurance

  • Quality Assurance

    Quality Assurance

    The health and well-being of each child is our primary concern. Quality Assurance (QA) measures are incorporated to provide you with an extra level of reassurance. Our QA ensures: Respect for the individual needs of every child, a warm and nurturing atmosphere in a safe setting, open and daily communication with families, professional faculty committed to early childhood development, and an environment that continually encourages learning, creativity, and exploration.


    Our outcome measures work in collaboration with the Philadelphia School District, PA Keys program, and the Early Childhood Environment Scale (ECERS). They are meant to assess both the quality of teaching and also the receptivity of young learners to the teaching strategy. Our approach is tailored to maximize the learning experience of each child.

    Through individual academic and developmental assessments, we share in the satisfaction of tracking your child’s progress through their early years. We aspire to better equip him/her for success in the years to come!