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How to keep Active and Engaged at Home

Elementary at Home:

How to keep Active and Engaged at Home

Students are currently experiencing something brand new, a way of education that has been a learning experience for students, teachers, and parents alike. However in the midst of all the confusion as a community we are blessed that this time has encouraged individuals to work together and get creative. As a community we are working on the question; “How can we keep our students engaged?”


5 Creative concepts to stay engaged

  1. Flash light reading:
    • Literacy is a key skills for students, and lets face it not every student has an easy time falling in love with reading. It is our job to provide fun tactics to get our students to look forward to reading. One way to do so is to make it interesting. I have previously done so by creating a fun environment, take time to create a fort with your students turn our all the lights and use your flashlight to following along with the story.
  2. Let’s Get Baking
    • Getting into the kitchen with your student can lead to well rounded lessons without even trying. Cooking and baking incorporate skills including but not limited to literacy, science, math, and social studies. Perhaps throw in a family recipe to help incorporate traditions and culture. Click below for an simple and fun recipe.
  3. Create a Family Tree
    • If your family is like mine, you have a million old photos laying around, and honestly we don’t take enough time to look back on them. Consider pulling out those old photos now more than ever is a great time to revisit some great families memories and work on communication skills with you students. Here I have provided a link to a family tree template.
  4. Sensory Play
    • There is nothing more fun that getting your hands a little messy when learning about science; and there is no better way to learn than through our senses. However I understand that sometimes we don’t have time for the clean up. Here I have included the recipe for cloud dough, all of the fun minimal mess!
  5. Meditate
    • Currently as a community, as a country, and as an entire planet people are facing a confusing time. It is important that as adults we understand that this is not just an adult situation and that our students are also facing the struggle. Meditation has proven to help with anxiety and stress. Here I have included a great link to try it out but remember youtube has an endless list of resources.

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